• About The Landing School

    Headquartered in Arundel, Maine, The Landing School is a full-time, accredited post-secondary school that blends education in modern yacht design, boat building and marine systems technology under one roof. Founded in 1978, The School’s inaugural program focused on a Wooden Boat Building program. Today, The School has grown to incorporate diploma and Associate’s degree curriculums with concentrations in five areas: Wooden Boat Building (Small Boats), Wooden Boat Building (Cruising Boats), Composite Boat Building, Marine Systems and Yacht Design.


In the past few months, The Landing School has been in the process of creating a completely redesigned website.  In this process our blog has been reincorporated into our primary website rather than being published externally.  Because of this change we will discontinue the use of this WordPress blog and will continue all future blog … Continue reading

Landing School composite boat building class of 2015

The Cherry on Top!

Our students are pretty cool people. Rather than pursue an ordinary job in an ordinary office (yes I’m talking about me!) they have chosen to pursue a life less ordinary. A life that will be filled with sea stories, lessons learned and amazing experiences. While on their journey here at The Landing School, the have … Continue reading

Not So Minor Details

Building things is as much about the end product as it is about the small details along the way. One very minor miscalculation at the start could lead to a total disaster in the end. The old adage – measure twice, cut once – is used time and again for a reason. It’s really hard … Continue reading